Client: Hammond Property Management
Project Type: Cold Roof Installation



Big Sky, Montana

Retrofit all units with cold roofs and vented attic space. Install high-temperature underlayment. Install 50yr shingles. Update the chimney with metal siding.

Total Number of Roofs: 141
Start Date: 2018
Timeline: 4 Years
Anticipated Completion: 2022

Project Process: Cut into existing roof ridge and add insulation to attic space, remove siding, build cold roof, dry-in cold roof with high-temperature underlayment, install 50yr shingle to entire roof, reshingle any areas not over living space with 50yr shingle, reinstall siding, and fabricate/install custom metal chimney wraps.

Unique Additions: Roof venting, cutting into attic space (historic condensate issues), located on north side of Big Sky heavily forested area with high snow fall, snowpack, and ice damming.