COVID-19 Update for June 2021

Big Sky Community,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.We would like to first take a moment and thank all the healthcare and other essential workers in our community who are helping others make it through these challenging times—thank you.

Furthermore, Cornerstone Management Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, clients, customers, guests, and the Big Sky Community as a whole. To ensure we have a safe and healthy workplace, we have developed the following COVID-19 preparedness policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All employees are responsible for implementing these policies. The goal is to mitigate the potential transmission of COVID-19 in our workplace and community, which requires full cooperation from our employees.

These policies follow guidance developed by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Gallatin County Health Department.

  1. Employees have familiarized themselves with common symptoms of COVID-19 and monitor for those. If any symptoms develop, employees must stay home, notify their supervisor, and contact their health care provider to seek testing.
  2. CMS has provided the necessary equipment for our team to measure and record their temperature daily. Anyone with a temperature greater than 100.4-degrees Fahrenheit must immediately leave the building, inform their supervisor, begin quarantining at home, and contact their health care provider to seek testing.
  3. CMS requires all employees to stay at least six feet apart whenever possible, regardless of if masks are being worn. If physical distancing is not possible, employees must limit the time of contact and avoid any physical contact.

If an employee is sick or exposed:

  1. CMS has created a process for informing employees, clients, or guests if they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 in the workplace that requires them to quarantine for 14 days since their last exposure.
  2. If an employee is made aware of an exposure to COVID-19 outside of the workplace, they must inform their supervisor and immediately begin quarantining.
  3. CMS has implemented leave policies for those unable to work from home that promotes workers staying at home when they are sick, when the household members are sick, or when required by a health care provider or the Health Department to isolate or quarantine themselves or a member of their household.

CMS continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic within our community and county and will continue to ensure we take the necessary safety precautions to keep our community safe during this trying time.

We appreciate you all and please do not hesitate to reach us with any further questions regarding our covid safety policies.

Thank you,
The CMS Team


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